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MaleficiumMC ADMIN posted May 16, 18

so i'd like to just go over what this was supposed to be.

the admins are all friends, we all went to the same school for half the year together in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade. we grew pretty close but coming from different school districts the other half of the year means that it's hard to organize stuff like this. together it was easy, we'd just take the time in school to work on updates and documents, but now it's more complicated.

this wouldn't have been too hard either. i'm sure we could've done it, but we all have school finishing and college coming up. hopefully in college, we find the time to start working on this fully again, but i wouldn't get any hopes up.

this was a fun experiment and don't get us wrong, we really love you guys. especially the people that continue to play. it was amazing having a community of awesome people to work for and talk to, and we collectively say thank you for that.

with all that being said, this website will be taken down in ~30 days of the time this is written due to insufficient funds. the actual server and discord, however, will remain up. we will use the discord for any announcements.

i, blue, have taken a bit of a break from minecraft, the blocks get to me. i will try to get back on and redo some stuff, make some casual updates for you. hopefully this'll last the summer and we might be able to work more.

thanks for making malmc what it is, thank you for the times we've had, and thank you for your continued support over the months. 

take care. x


BlueDevilsYT ADMINDEV posted Feb 16, 18

Hello everyone and thanks for sticking with us through the development period of our 3rd large update! Here is a list of every new feature so far and some features that have yet to be set up within the next few hours.

    • Check out /rankup to see all the new features and kits we've created for the new ranks!
    • You can disguise with /disguise
    • Each rank has different disguises based on how far you've progressed.
    • Disguises don't work in Hard world
    • You can use /pt to open up the Private Chat GUI.
    • You can create private or public chat rooms for players to join!
    • Send invites to other players.
    • You can pick to have temporary chats, or if you want to have your chats saved for the next time you log on!
    • Chatroom nicknames
    • Elitemobs are mobs that can stack + level up in the hard world! They have new abilities and TONS of custom armor and tools for you to collect.
    • Marry other players with /marry! You'll can choose your gender and even level up with your party!
    • Coming soon!

Alone with the 3.0 Update, we've fixed a lot of bugs and made various server changes.

  • Fixed a lot of auto-broadcast messages
  • Updated 10+ plugins
  • Fixed some donator permission errors.
  • Fixed some non-donor permission errors.
  • Adjusted various shop prices
  • Changed some lang files for a more MalMC look
  • Heavily buffed some donor ranks with newer perks and kits
  • Fixed duping

And finally, we just want you guys to know that in the next coming weeks we are going to be fixing the dragon, planning and event for everyone, getting a PvP arena with warp, setting up some quests, and planning out a BRAND NEW SERVER (or two, who knows?)

In the meantime however, please report any bugs you guys find and let us now what you think of the update! We really appreciate you guys playing and hope you'll stick with us for the long run. Expect some pretty cool Easter items coming up! <3

Valentine Crate/Bundle and 25%

HunKoon15 ADMINDEV posted Feb 10, 18

25% off sale running now till 2/17

Running from now till 2/17, you can purchase Valentine Bundles on our store, and in-game at /warp valentine.

In addition to the bundles, you can also purchase a key for the Valentine Crate at /warp valentine which gives you a chance at all the goodies. I'll be mailing all VIP's and MVP's a free bundle which you can gain with with /itembox open

In honor of the growing community, we've decided to create a 45% Off Flash Sale on EVERYTHING in our store! You can head over to or click anywhere here to get redirected!

Keep in mind as well that we've made some changes to our store as well!

  • VIP now gets /nickname
  • VIP and MVP get the color chooser for their chat
  • You can now purchase colored chat bundles
  • Changed 6 Mythical Key package to 10 Mythical Keys and changed price accordingly.

Thanks for your continued support through the 2 months we've been up. We're looking for many many more <3

Christmas + Planned Updates

BlueDevilsYT ADMINDEV posted Dec 27, 17


We hope you had an excellent Christmas/Holiday! We recently released our Christmas Crate with unique items such as Candy Cane Armor, the Peppermint Buster, Mistletoe Sword, and more! (Psst, you can still get these in /ca) Moving on, we'll have more themed crates for holidays/events! Speaking of events, we'd like to have one soon. You'll hear more about it when a post is made here!


  • Changed various shop prices
  • Added different mob drops
  • Added Spawn Eggs
  • Fixed tab up
  • Added Featherboard
  • Added auction
  • Turned off buckets being disabled in hard world
  • Turned off gravity with blocks in hard world
  • Turned off grinder limitations in hard world
  • Fixed various permission and general server bugs.
  • Removed Herobrine

We hope you're enjoying what we have to offer and will stick with us in the future! We are planning a giant update soon that you'll all love, and we will start to heavily review staff applications very shortly!

Have a happy and safe New Year!

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